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Website Design, Development & Marketing

My name is Patrick and I am a web designer, developer and consultant. I am particularly interested in website performance.

I have 15+ years experience designing, developing and marketing websites for small businesses to multi-nationals as well as many more managing, selling and designing for furniture companies.

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The loop


Lots of people like what I do. Here are a few...

We have worked with Patrick on a number of websites over several years including the design of many tools to make specifying our products easier. The consequences of this and subsequent work means that we are now ranking for very competitive phrases in search results.

Alan Moore - IT Manager - Geometric Furniture

Our work with Patrick and his team at PatPatWorks on the AstonBI website was a fascinating collaboration of ideas that helped us pin down a brief that we all bought into.

Thereafter, his team implemented a very fast and focussed creative website solution that really helped us to establish our core offering in a way that we found hard up to that point.

Paul Hogan - Sales Director - MBCS Limited

We were really happy with the way that PPW took our base requirements and turned them into the website we now have. Previously, we were always flying under the radar and had no means of showcasing our work as we completed it. Now we can add new projects very quickly from anywhere.

Matt Ferguson - M.D. - Fergusons Upholstery

Website Development

Some Work Examples

Geometric Fabrics

We worked closely with the client to produce a clean looking website that was simple to use, followed a logical, well-trodden path regarding structure, but allowed the fabric designs and colours to be front and centre. There is a lot of technical data associated with these fabrics and searchable content was a major factor.

Website Development

Aston BI

This was a project to design a one-page website that flowed from top to bottom in a natural progression, revealing more details the further you scroll.

This was a true collaboration between the client and ourselves aiming to make the journey as easy and client friendly as possible.

Website Development

Protec Fuel Pumps

This client are engineers and designers and are used to reading technical specifications as text in order to find the right size, angle, etc. Therefore the structure, once a user was into the class of products, lent itself to a more list style of navigation as a lead into the technical data. This is a work in progress as there is a lot of content and we are constantly looking at how to handle specific challenges. Suffice to say our client and their technical users are very happy with results so far.

Website Development

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We are based in the West Midlands, United Kingdom and our phone number is +44 (0)121 368 0064

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Website Development


My rates are competitive. 100% to be paid in advance on projects under £1,000, 50% in advance on larger amounts with the balance immediately due when booked period is over or staged as per agreement.

Day and weekly rates are available depending on the project. I am also happy to discuss complete projects.

Legal Stuff

I prefer not to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA). If you wish me to sign a NDA, then my cost to do this is £2,000.

In all cases I will require a signed contract as agreed between us.